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TOP 10 reasons why lawyer needs solid website

Interesting fact: 64% of small businesses have website. Do you? Please check our top 10 reasons why you need website and why it should be good

1. First touch point

According to Lexis Nexis survey  76% of clients used Internet to search for law firm. People do not ask their colleges or relatives to advise lawyer, instead – they Google!  93% of online experiences begin with a search engine and website became first touch point between you and your potential client. That is why it is crucial to have solid, good working website that tells about your company,  services and expertise.

2. People research before calling

Coming back to data, recent survey conducted by Nielson says that three out of four people in US research online when they choose lawyer.  This means 2 things: you need website to be found and you should use it to provide relevant information and encourage people to choose your firm. Tell clearly about your services, expertise, your star team and winning cases. Make this info easy to find, add visible contact information and hire enough lawyers to work on all those clients you get!

3. Scale your business

People google and research but is important to note that they can do it from everywhere. If before you were limited by your referral list, city or country, website helps customers from other places to find you and reach out if your services are relevant to them. This is how you can grow your business.

4. Always open for business

While you are sleeping, your website is available 24/7. It serves you as sales representative who is always there. Users can visit website, read all the necessary information and reach out via feedback form anytime.  Every inquiry from your potential customers will be received and securely stored so you can contact them back at your working hours. This is particularly important if you are providing services to international customers who have different timezone or business representatives who travel a lot.

5. Make a good first impression online

When you first meet a lawyer, you are making your first impression based on his speech, behavior and confidence. Same happens online. Website is what makes first impression about your company online. For that reason you don’t need just any website, you need good quality fast loading and mobile friendly website with useful content and easy navigation. Otherwise you risk losing customers. For example, according to Consumer insights surveys conducted by Google 53% of users leave website if it does not load in 3 seconds or under.

6. Build trust

Going forward, good website increases your credibility in user’s  eyes. In fact, as per Blue Corona, 48% of people cited a website’s design as the number one factor in deciding the credibility of a business. However, not only design, content matters as well. People trust more if they see client’s reviews, cases, certification and awards. It is not less important to add your contact information including address and phone number because it serves as validation you are transparent and trustworthy company.

7. Fit the mobile era


According to Consumer Barometer 69% of users in US access the internet at least as often via smartphone as computer. It is crucial to be there and have mobile-friendly website which is loading fast and is convenient to read on smartphone. It is so important because influences user’s preference. Same source tells us that 79% of people say they’re more likely to revisit and/or share a mobile site if it is easy to use.

8. Become opinion leader


Did you ever want to share something interesting from your professional experience with wider audience? With website you can do so. Online blog is useful  tool to share interesting cases, techniques and any learnings from your own law practice. Sharing knowledge positions your company as industry expert and trusted  advisor. As a result you do not only get more customers but also become desired employer for best lawyers.

9. Leverage digital marketing opportunities


Website  brings you online and online there is variety of new sales opportunities decoded in digital marketing. You should work on your online marketing if you want to be on top when people are searching or are interested in law services. This strategy includes searches optimization, pay per click advertising, remarketing, email marketing and branding activities.

10. Discover valuable data for your business


In the past people did surveys to get any marketing data – long, expensive, not always accurate. In digital world there are many tracking solutions that provide you tons of valuable data for free –  Google Analytics is one of such. Website analytics tools help to explore your audience, particularly how many people visit your website, what is their age and gender, what city or country they are based, how long they spent on particular section of your website. You can also check what online marketing channels bring you more website visitors and quality leads.  Analytical data-driven approach is the key to right marketing decisions. Instead of wasting money for some activities that does not bring you new clients, you will know exactly where to invest to receive good return.

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