Kyiv Educational Hub


The largest educational online platform in Kyiv, commissioned by the Kyiv City Administration.


Currently, hundreds of hard skills training courses can be found on the internet. But in fact, when hiring, the so-called soft skills make a significant contribution to the final decision. Where to pump them? How to prove to the employer that these lines in the summary – not just an ocean of beautiful words? Now there is a solution.


We had to create a simple, easy-to-understand resource that would perform the 2 most important functions:

Give visitors the opportunity to take online courses and earn points for passing
Form an overall employee rating based on these points so that any hr can find a good employee with a valid set of skills.


We have created a convenient, comprehensible, fully gamified platform that is already used by thousands of Kyiv residents. The site is able to support a large number of visitors (it currently has more than 3.7 million people in Kyiv).
A simple and concise interface with UX design principles, do not allow anything unnecessary to distract from the courses. Convenient and clear system of their passage and personal account with achievements and employee profile encourage visitors to take careers and act. After all, there are opportunities for everyone 🙂