Zelena is a trendsetter and leader in the Ukrainian market in the field of bonus gifts and exclusive, stylish bouquets. ZELENA works with leading brands of prestigious gifts and decoration items. One of the most important things for them is to always be on the high. Therefore, during the 4 years of cooperation with Mavericks, they have undergone several stages of rebranding in connection with new web design trends.



Mavericks Agency had to make the Internet resource taking into account all the features of the target audience. Moreover we paid attention to the simplicity and elegance of the design. Besides our team thought of every possible action of the user of the site.



We strived to introduce the online store to the ZELENA sales system as organically as the usual offline sales store in the process of developing a user-friendly admin panel and a user-friendly interface. Well, the lightweight, minimalist design-premium class, created by the standards of the leading European brands, has already formed the impeccable reputation of the ZELENA store for suppliers in Europe.