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Agrofond Zerno


Agrofond Zerno is a subsidiary of PAO Agrarian Fund, the leading producer of agricultural products in Ukraine. Working on the basis of modern technologies and efficient cooperation, the company aims to create favorable conditions for the development of agriculture in Ukraine and functioning of agricultural markets.


The site was created mainly for wholesalers – large, picky companies, mostly leaders in the Ukrainian market. Of course, the functionality and simplicity of both work and visual should have been indisputable so that the identity and purpose of the company could be identified from a thousand.


We have created a modern site taking into account all the features of the product and the target audience. The whole project was implemented on the Angular framework and the MVVM patterns. We used the reactive approach in our project and the NoSQL database FireBase, which allowed very quickly to upload all the necessary data. In addition, so that after every change in the content the page is not overloaded, we have engaged seamless transitions.