Decorent is a simple solution for finding and renting decor. Dozens of decorators and event managers will have to look for thematic decoration for their events on a monthly basis, but the available one has not been profitable for a long time. The Decorent platform allows you to quickly and easily search for the right things and make money by simply pouring dust into the attic.


The work of event managers and decorators in the modern world has become a permanent headache and lost nerve cells. Therefore, we aimed to make for them a convenient platform that would ease their already not very sweet life and saved from premature gray hair. At the same time, it should not only be simple for those who are looking for decor, but also to allow them to earn quick for those who give up.


We have created a convenient service with the ability to filter the elements of the decor on various subjects, colors, categories and styles of events. We have made it easy and understandable to have a pleasant and comfortable use of the personal cabinet of the user in a minimalist style – nothing superfluous, just what you need. Simplicity, style and convenience is the main slogan of design and function that we have invested in the Decorent.