“Cosmos” rates of technical specialists in your country do not allow to be profitable?

Your team is fully loaded and you need to scale your capacity for few projects just right now?

You want to create new fancy websites for your clients with cool animations, but you don’t have experience?

Deadlines are always tight and understanding of the real progress is a pain?

Looks like your situation?

We can help

01. Price

We are Ukrainian based company. This country is famous for its top end developers with lower rates comparing to Europe and North America. This helps us to provide you with high quality and lower your costs at the same time.

02. Scaling you

We know how important it is to boost capacity when you get few additional projects and your team is already sleeping in the office. We are here to relieve your team and give them ability to focus on top priority things or scope they are competent in.

03. New tech and stack

Experience, knowledge and team can’t be built just in one day. But we can cover you, so you can start delivering fancy animated websites, custom-made platforms and e-shops to your clients already tomorrow.

04. On time

 We are tracking every task to be sure that everything is done on time. We work hard to deliver work in time. Determination and professionalism are our “partners in crime”.

05. Keeping track

Staying in the loop is super important for all stakeholders. That’s why we give you access to our task manager, so you are able to check and track the progress of your projects. And, of course, weekly calls are appreciated. We want you to be aware how things are going

Briefly about us

We are the ambitious company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our passion and specialization is web development with the focus on animation, up-to-date design and eCommerce.

We believe in what we do. And we want you to sleep peacefully. Our main goal is to achieve your business goals and objectives rather than blind coding just following specifications. Your growth is the key to our success.

So, we

Easy to communicate

Understanding the complex technical nuances is our task. We won`t  burden you with complex terms, we will explain everything simply and easily

Transparent to control

We will be happy to give you access to our task manager so that you follow the stage of work

Don`t overcharge

Ukraine is famous for its top developers with lower rates comparing to Europe and North America

Always happy to work

We are enthusiasts who are always happy to dive headlong into a new project and help it develop.

Our latest works