Want to create an unrivaled company style so you can be recognized among thousands of other companies?

Do you want to increase revenue from sales on the Internet, but the site has ceased bringing customers?

Want to make a marketing company, but the site code is crooked and nothing works?

Have you been wanting to remake a site for a long time, but experts in your country do it for a long time and overpriced?

Looks like your situation?

We can help


If you have an amazing product, it should be placed in the best conditions, right? We create incredible designs that create an aesthetic environment for your product and present it on the beneficial side, and never get boring.


Thousands clients will recognize your style – we promise it. We believe that each company is unique, so we approach the creation of each site individually. And one thing is sure to be completed – you will become the strongest competitor in the market.


You don`t have Internet sales yet, and if so, is there very little revenue? We will help with this. Thanks to strong UX research, we will determine why the site doesn`t sell and how to fix it. You just have to have time to take orders 🙂


Nowadays, marketing is nowhere to go – especially for a growing sport company. We are preparing your site for marketing activity – and you will not have any problems with promotion!

05.  SEO

For the company, search results are very important – there will be no customers without it. We are fully preparing your site for SEO optimization, so that you won`t have problems with contractors.


Online store can`t work without basic (at least) functionality, but it is often necessary to apply individual solutions that are developed for each company. We know better than anyone what will be necessary for the E-commerce project to work well and scaling in the future

Briefly about us

We are the ambitious company based in Kiev, Ukraine. Our passion and specialization is web development with the focus on animation, up-to-date design and eCommerce.

We believe in what we do. And we want you to sleep peacefully. Our main goal is to achieve your business goals and objectives rather than blind coding just following specifications. Your growth is the key to our success.

So, we

Easy to communicate

Understanding the complex technical nuances is our task. We won`t  burden you with complex terms, we will explain everything simply and easily

Transparent to control

We will be happy to give you access to our task manager so that you follow the stage of work

Don`t overcharge

Ukraine is famous for its top developers with lower rates comparing to Europe and North America

Always happy to work

We are enthusiasts who are always happy to dive headlong into a new project and help it develop.

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